In the heart of Copenhagen, leading Danish brands Erik Jørgensen and Montana open a stunning new shared showroom space. Spanning 1000sqm, the showroom is spread over two floors and has been designed and styled by Tine Mouritsen. It features a directional colour palette and beautifully detailed settings.

Located at Bredgade 76, the historical building which houses the new showroom was built between 1754-1757 and was once inhabited by infamous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen.  On the first floor, Erik Jørgensen presents its collection with a focus on the home with four specially curated settings including The Office, Tranquillity, The Blue Room and Botanical Garden. On the second floor, the Montana collection is presented in a techni-colour cosmic palette, showcasing the brand's modularity and unique colour offering. 


This new showroom is Montana's flagship space in Copenhagen, whereas Erik Jorgensen will continue to operate two showrooms. CEO Niels Jørgensen shares, "We have been at Pakhus 48 for eight years and are very happy there. The architectural environment in Nordhavn is incredibly dynamic and visually inspiring. At the same time, we are aware of the heightened focus on exhibitions in the inner part of Copenhagen, especially Bredgade. Therefore, we decided to take this opportunity to have two locations in Copenhagen, each with its own focus."

The Botanical Garden room leads visitors on a trip into the perfect green scenery, where the furniture, walls and flooring are tone in tone, with only a few yellow and brown tones breaking the green space. Visitors can relax and enjoy the green Hector sofa or maybe put their feet up and lie down on the soft AV chaise longue.

The Tranquillity room creates a sense of surplus, purity and tranquillity; a perfect contrast to Erik Jorgensen's heavy furniture classics like the Delphi sofa in white leather and the Corona Spectrum, completely dressed in white also. 

The Blue Room is a small cave with a dramatic expression. Awash with moody dark blue, the space invites visitors to sit back in the big Spring sofa and smell the roses hanging from the ceiling. 

The Office is the most classic room in the new showroom. Pictured is one corner of the office perfect for a cosy meeting around an Insula Base table, in black with a wooden rim. Surrounding the table are the new Eyes Arm Wood in a delicate Vegeta leather.

The Montana part of the showroom consists of 12 inspirational rooms with imaginative furniture and decor, framed by vibrant colours. The showroom focuses on both domestic and professional environments. 

Montana's Bathroom range is on show at the new showroom space. 

A love seat made up of Montana units, which can be specified in 4 depths, 36 modules and 42 different colours to create custom solutions that suit your home/office and style. 

A wall of Panton Wires form a clever room divider with storage. 

The Montana floor features a directional and techni-colour palette, with hero colours lilac and lemon yellow. 

Office style at the new Montana x Erik Jorgensen showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. 

A Montana office setting, showcasing the modular office units, the Guest collapsible chair by Kasper Salto and Panton stool. 

Montana's Bathroom range is on show at the new showroom space. 

The Erik Jørgensen x Montana Showroom is open Monday – Friday from 9 am – 4 pm at Bredgade 76, 1260 Copenhagen. View the Montana and Erik Jørgensen collections available through Cult in Australia and New Zealand here.