The sun never seems to go down on Belgian outdoor brand, Extremis, that always surprises at Salone del Mobile with innovative and fun outdoor design. 

Extremis unveils extensions to the 'Sol+Luna' sunbed, a design that can easily be transformed into a lounge sofa; a flexible solution suitable for all types of outdoor spaces. The 'Sol+Luna' comes with an arm rest, safe storage compartment, optional tapa tables, and an adjustable sun shade with integrated atmospheric lighting, turning into a full moon every night.


In addition to 'Sol+Luna', Extremis presents Virus; a picnic table in various guises. Dirk Wynants has designed different versions based on an identical seating frame for two to five people. This is a fun way of filling a space with a mixture of small to medium-sized seating sets without losing uniformity.


Finally, Extremis celebrates the 15th birthday of the iconic Picnick design with a special limited gold edition. 15 years ago, Dirk Wynants took up the challenge to give people the feeling of space despite the trend towards smaller and compacter living. As he experienced urban life, he discovered how many city-dwellers (mainly couples) lived in apartments with a small terrace, and he came up with an innovative design that could make efficient and functional use of the space available. The Picnik was born! 


The product news from Extremis will soon be available across the Cult showrooms in Australia and New Zealand. 

Extremis presents Virus, a playful picnic table with seating options from 2 to 5 people, all designed based on an identical seating frame to ensure uniformity no matter how many your space requires.
Sol+Luna sunbed, designed to easily transform into a lounge sofa is now available with an extended range of accessories. 
To celebrate its 15 year anniversary, Extremis releases a special limited Gold edition at Salone del Mobile 2017.

Photo Credit: Cult, Extremis