C.E.O. Cube contenitori

PF-C.E.O. Cube contenitori hi-res
PF-C.E.O. Cube contenitori hi-resPF-C.E.O. Cube contenitori 2 hi-resPF-C.E.O. Cube contenitori 3 hi-res
Greater Than 14 Weeks


The C.E.O Cube collection comprises a conference table, executive desks, containers and open bookcases. Fundamental volumes with excellently balanced form distinguish the collection. Unusual languages for management offices, but nevertheless indicative of the distinctive, quality ideals required from this type of location.


Width / Depth / Height

500mm / 500mm / 635mm (drawer unit)

2100mm / 350mm / 2140mm (Bookcase)

2100mm / 600mm / 640mm (low cabinet)

1200mm / 600mm / 640mm (Small cabinet)