Caput Kelim

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Caput Kelim is vintage carpets from Turkey, often over 40 years old. The carpets were woven on narrow, flexible and portable looms that nomadic Gypsy could quickly fold up and take with them. The resulting material is therefore narrow, and the larger carpets are therefore made up of two or three lengths of fabric sewn together.


Caput Kelim is a flat woven carpet which is traditionally made of cotton and goat’s hair.

Each Caput carpet is unique, as it is made by hand and based on available materials, and therefore they vary in size, colour combinations and materials. The patchwork look of the large carpets is a key aspect of the unique style and contribute to the original character of the carpets, where the compositions of the different fabrics engage in a mutual dialogue, creating new patterns in a varied expression.



Small / Approx. W 90 x L 260 cm

Large / Approx. W 150 x L 300 cm

X-Large / Approx. W 230 x L 310 cm



Vintage, cotton and goat wool



Every carpet has unique patterns, colours and sizes