Gubi Pouffe Series

GU Gubi pouffe
12 to 14 Weeks


Postmodernism was a reaction to the functionality and formalism of Modernism and gave birth to the Postmodern architecture movement. Postmodernism in architecture is marked by non-orthogonal angles, the re-emergence of surface decoration and the expression of meaningful historical and stylistic references.


Gubi Olsen, founder of Gubi, has always pushed the boundaries to explore new directions in design. His starting point has been the rich Danish tradition of craft and furniture production, together with multiple historical references.



Ø 700mm x H 320mm

Ø 900mm x H 320mm

Ø 1200mm x H 320mm

Ø 1900mm x H 320mm



The pouffes are made of polyurethane foam and all covers are detachable.



The Gubi Pouffe is available fully upholstered in a wide range of fabrics.

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