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Greater Than 14 Weeks


The modern linearity of the frame blends with the soft, full surfaces of the cushions. Polo is a welcoming invitation to comfort and relaxation that has been extended and enriched becoming a flexible and functional sofa system. Its versatility allows the arrangement of definite configurations, with the armchair, the two-seater and three-seater sofas, as well as fluid, open configurations, playing with different modular elements including the chaise-longue. It is the perfect system for giving your living room an intimate dimension, personal and welcoming.


Available in Pelle Frau leather from the colour system range. The cushions are also available with fabric upholstery. 


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

950mm / 880mm / 650mm / 420mm (armchair)

1820mm / 1000mm / 750mm / 450mm (2 seater sofa)

2670mm / 1000mm / 750mm / 450mm (3 seater sofa)

Also available in modular components.