PP26 Pot Chair

Greater Than 14 Weeks


The Pot Chair submits to simple and concluded shapes and enfolds the seated person with generous upholstery. Circular curves forms a three-dimensional object with a gentle dynamic that makes it beautiful and inviting from all angles.

The frame is a strong solid beech wood construction and all upholstery is built up using only natural and traditional materials providing a rich and soothing comfort.

This chair was designed exactly upon the establishment of PP Møbler. Since Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel knew co-founder Ejnar Pedersen very well from previous years design experiments and exhibitions, the Pot Chair became the first prototype ever to be

conceived in our workshop.


PP26 is upholstered using only natural materials like flax fibres, cotton, jute straps, canvas, palm leaves and horsehair. This is the only way to ensure that this kind of easy chair will be worn in rather than worn out with time.



W 710mm x D 790mm x H 700mm / SH 350mm



Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut and Teak available in soap treated, clear bio oil, white bio oil, clear lacquer and black vegetable paint.



Seat upholstered in PP Møbler leather or fabric.