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12 to 14 Weeks


PROPELLER is slender of shape, whereby the form of the table-top and legs runs along a single line, finally diverting at the base. The slight taper at the very end of the base, which is also found in other OFFECCT products, keeps the legs sturdy despite their relatively slim construction. The top has a soft shape and comes in several different sizes.


Tabletop in white compact laminate also available in white laminate. Chromed or white lacquered support. The legs come in 6 designs and 3 heights in white and chrome, and other shades are available for bespoke orders.

Material Variations

Birch, Oak, Cherry wood, Walnut.


Square + Rectangular table tops

Length / Width / Height

600mm / 600mm / 392mm, 552mm, 712mm

750mm / 750mm / 392mm, 552mm, 712mm

1300mm / 750mm / 712mm

2400mm / 1100mm / 712mm

4800mm / 1100mm / 712mm


Circular Table tops

Diameter / height

600mm / 392mm, 552mm, 712mm

900mm / 392mm, 552mm, 712mm


10kg - 30kg

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