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Greater Than 14 Weeks


Vittoria Office: the family of office chairs featuring an ornamental motif on the backrest, ending in a hint of a scroll which is the same distinctive symbol on the Vittoria home version.


The frame is constructed of beech wood and is provided with a metal tubular base with five spokes. Excellent support for the seat and back is provided by elastic belts. All padding is of polyurethane foam. Many different finish are available- chrome, black and seven RAL colours.


Upholstery choices include Pelle Frau leather from the colour systems range.


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

470mm / 610mm / 900mm / 460mm (Meeting)

530mm / 610mm / 900mm / 460mm (Meeting with arms)

600mm / 610mm / 900mm / 460mm (Meeting large)

530mm / 610mm / 880-950mm / 440-510mm (Managerial S/B)

600mm / 610mm / 880-950mm / 440-510mm (Executive)