Nurturing Australian Design

At Cult it is our goal to do more than just sell furniture. We aim to:

· serve the design industry and local community through our passion for quality product
· enrich the Australian design culture by investing in local architects, designers and artists
· bring people together through a variety of events, workshops and symposiums

We are renowned for our support of the local design industry and community. This is not only evidenced via competitions such as the annual Cult Design Journey but also via our constant endeavours to create a dialogue amongst designers.

We do this by:

· facilitating and hosting debates on a wide range of relevant industry topics
· hosting international guests such as New York based architect Michael Sheridan, a Poul Kjærholm expert
· bringing traveling exhibitions to Australia such as the Tal R 50th Anniversary Egg Exhibition
· introducing new products to the design community via showroom launches
· nurturing the design community via workshops and forums
· providing support and opportunities to design students
· Supporting and hosting exhibitions of local artists such as Lisa Jones and her installation work with the Series 7 chair
· sponsorship of a wide range of awards and scholarships throughout the community
· participation in key industry events such Saturday Indesign and Idea Week
· Introducing local designers to overseas manufactures in order to create new relationships
· Reporting and presenting back to the local design community on international trade fairs such as Orgatec and the Milan Furniture Fair
· Providing expertise and assistance to designers as the need arises
· Being founding members of the Authentic Design Alliance (ADA)

We constantly challenge ourselves to take risks and to show leadership to our clients. We truly believe in the talent and potential of the design industry in Australia and do everything we can to support that - after all, your future is our future.

Our Australian designers include Ross Didier, Lisa Vincitorio, Paul Morris, Thomas Seymour, David Knott, Adam Goodrum, Marc Newson, Gavin Harris, Kate Stokes and Falinc.