Authentic Design

Committed to Original Design

We are committed to providing the Australian market with quality original design.

Cult's furniture and lighting business evolved out of a passion for the Danish design sensibility. The Danish approach fit well with our own vision and values and it is with pride that we continue to distribute major Danish brands in Australia today.

Our first collections included notables such as Erik Jorgensen amongst others. Many of these brands remain a fundamental part of our offering today. Now the collection has grown to include partners from all over the world, including Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden and of course Australia, all with an underlying coherence and aesthetic.

Education of both our team and clients is an inherent part of what we do and there is a high level of investment in the products we represent. This is evidenced via:

· Comprehensive showrooms in major Australian and New Zealand cities
· Strong distributor relationships in other cities
· Ensuring actual furniture items (samples) are present in our showrooms
· Thorough and detailed staff training in all existing and new products
· Informative and educational presentations to designers on existing and new products
· Facilitating travel to trade fairs, manufacturing locations and designer's workshops

We research thoroughly which partners and products to include as part of the Corporate Culture collection and to ensure that both our team and our clients are inducted into the unique attributes and story of each product.

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