Adam Goodrum by Cult.

Cult is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Adam Goodrum.

In a move unprecedented in scope or scale, Cult Founder Richard Munao has commissioned Sydney-based industrial designer Adam Goodrum to devise six new families of furniture, to be launched on June 17, 2014.

Goodrum has responded to the brief by closely examining the specific requirements of each typology and tailoring solutions to very particular needs. True to form, he has eschewed layering a uniform aesthetic across his objects, preferring instead to let each product speak for itself. And these new Cult objects speak loud and clear of a new sense of urban chic.

A spectacularly comfortable armchair. A slick, modular dining table. An elegant easy chair. Stackable side tables. An authoritative club chair. An ergonomically elegant bed.

Privileging craftsmanship and tradition, Goodrum has focused on timber construction, working closely with a bespoke joinery workshop in Sydney. Testing the limits of luxury upholstering, again he collaborated with a highly-skilled artisan working close to home.

“To be able to work locally, with highly experienced craftspeople who are at the top of their game is an incredible thrill,” says Goodrum. “From my Waterloo studio, I can bicycle to my joiner’s workshop in minutes to check the grain of a timber or test waxing or soap wash finishes. It’s the same with my upholsterer – he is local, and I can follow the progress of each piece as it evolves. It’s a very old school, authentic, approach to contemporary design.”

Tactility is a central concern to these Goodrum designs. As is an honest materiality; timber, wool, linen are all strongly featured.

Forms are reductive, robust, assertive. Embellishment is banished – the structures are ornament enough.

“I like to think I create functional objects, with personality,” Goodrum says.

Supporting Australian designers and artisans is a key note of Cult’s agenda. According to Cult Founder, Richard Munao, “we are in the very privileged position of working with some of the world’s leading European furniture brands. But we are also extremely keen to encourage local industry. For our customers, it’s an incredible offer in terms of quality design, but also in terms flexibility of offer and timely delivery.”

We welcome you to join the Cult.