Cult proudly presents the Adam Goodrum x Cult 2016 Collection with the introduction of four new product families and exciting new product updates. Designed in response to the blurring lines between home and work, the 2016 Collection presents a democratic range of furniture and lighting that exudes an organic and relaxed warmth.

Suitable for residential and commercial spaces, the collection includes new product families that are honest in practicality and rich in simplicity. Existing designs have also been reimagined, using new materials and finishes. Many of the new pieces showcase a technical and mechanical edge, a reflection of Cult’s investment in new tools and technologies that allow Adam Goodrum to flex his industrial design muscles and experiment with Aluminum – a versatile material with great modularity. From elegant lounge furniture to modular shelving with endless possibility, the 2016 collection is reductive in form, honest in materiality and timeless in style. 



New in 2016 is the ‘Bower’ range, Goodrum’s first collection for the commercial market that includes a workpod, armchair, meeting lounge and a range of adjustable acoustic screens. With ‘Bower’ Goodrum sought to break away from the rigidity often associated with office and breakout furniture. Inspired by the rambling-style nests created by the bowerbird, the ‘Bower’ range is open, organic and gentle, bringing a natural and calm aesthetic to workplaces. The vertical woven elements of ‘Bower’ appear to be growing like vines. The architecture of this design also controls acoustics as the undulating shapes catch and absorb noise. ‘Bower’ Armchair and Meeting Lounge also come with integrated high back for visual and acoustic privacy. Entirely modular, the ‘Bower’ range is designed for ease of assembling on-site in work places, taking into account weight restrictions and lift dimensions.



The beauty of the new ‘Pucker’ Sofa and Armchair lies in its endless modularity and unique tailoring. Born out of Adam Goodrum’s desire to break away from the blockiness and rigidity associated with modular styles, the ‘Pucker’ range is inspired by the art of dressmaking, and features a slightly curved form with a back that tapers to create an elegant central seam or ‘pucker’ detail.



Elegantly sculptural, the ‘Molloy’ collection of dining tables, seating, shelving and coffee tables feature fluid detailing inspired by a rare act of nature. The idea for the artfully rounded joinery, where two elements meet and seamlessly become one, comes from the unusual meeting of two rivers to form the Molloy River in Western Australia – a place where Adam Goodrum and his family hand-built a holiday home. Originally a series of timber pieces, 2016 sees Goodrum extend the ‘Molloy’ collection with the launch of the ‘Molloy Modular’ range – a contemporary take on the original designs using powder-coated aluminum legs in place of timber. The use of aluminum means each piece can be individually customised in length, height and width, and can also be assembled on-site, easing the transport and installation process.  



‘Nest’ is a set of two tables that can function nested together or individually alone. Stacked, they create totemic shapes that add interest to any room. Deployed, they cantilever over sofas, beds and chairs, or simply float around a room – a space-saving and flexible alternative to a coffee table. New in 2016 is the ‘Nest Modular’ range, which offers aluminum and laminate finishes as alternatives to timber. Mix and match your set of ‘Nest’ tables from a range of powdercoated aluminium colours, laminates and timbers to create a custom configuration that suits you and your home.  









Adam Goodrum is an acclaimed designer at the forefront of the growing Australian design community. A firm believer that every environment is defined by the objects within it, Goodrum designs with the philosophy that an object must therefore justify its existence – through its story and detailing. For this reason, his designs celebrate process and craftsmanship and accentuate components and joinery to create functional pieces with spirit and personality. Drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and surrounding natural environment, there is a story behind all of Goodrum’s designs – from the refined joinery of the ‘Molloy’ range, inspired by the rare geography of the Molloy River, to the ‘Bower’ range that takes cues from the layered nests of the bowerbird. In recent years, Goodrum’s work has been awarded a host of design accolades including the NGV Rigg Prize, Vogue x Alessi Design Prize, Indesign Luminary Award and the Idea Awards Editor’s Medal. He has also been commissioned to design pieces for several global luxury brands including Veuve Clicquot, Alessi and Cappellini.


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