We had such an inspiring morning exploring all of Cappellini’s diverse installations throughout Milan city, including SUPERLOFT at Superstudio in Tortona curated by Giulio Cappellini, the #CapGoesGipsy installation at the brand’s flagship showroom and an installation in partnership with San Pellegrino at Cappellini Point. Here we share more on each, which they present at this year’s Milan Design Week in addition to their minimal Design Portraits stand at the fair which we reported on earlier in the week.  

#CAPGOESGIPSY// During Milan Design Week 2018, the curtain opens on Cappellini Goes Gipsy – a kaleidoscopic journey inside the world of Cappellini, between tradition and modernity, between east meets west. Around the world in eight spaces, full of folk references and conceptual souvenirs, the installation is an evocative exploration of new nomadism.  














Middle East




The Mediteranian




North America 




South America







SUPERLOFT BY GIULIO CAPPELLINI// Superloft is an imaginary yet real home; cool and eclectic, cultured and elegant, with the participation of the most interesting protagonists in Italian design history. It is a house that combines side-by-side iconic pieces by the most important furniture brands, from Cappellini to Magis and Poltrona Frau. From the living to the wellness room, from the kitchen to the bedrooms, from verandas to service spaces; Superloft is an international home. Giulio Cappellini shares, “Now, more than ever, people want to live in a home that reflects their tradition, culture, identity. I tried to create a wide-ranging space that is not just a status to exhibit but describes the pleasure of living in cozy spaces, surrounded by beautiful objects, now discreet and declared, that become essential presences in our existence”. 









CAPPELLINI X SAN PELLEGRINO// For the first time, S.Pellegrino, globally renowned for its Italian good taste, approaches the world of design with Cappellini as its partner, commissioning designers to create limited edition labels for their iconic bottles that will be provided to the best restaurants around the world. Giulio Cappellini, shares. “I have been personally involved by coordinating the project and, together with S.Pellegrino, by choosing the three designers coming from Europe, Asia and America – that interpreted its label and described the natural and creative journey of its water. These three different marks will become one single story, narrated through a series of events hosted at international level”. The special bottles are unveiled during Milan Design Weekat Cappellini Point – showroom and space to meet, discuss and promote design. 







Photo Credit | Cult Design and courtesy of Cappellini.


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