For the past few years during Salone del Mobile, Cult has kept you connected with daily design updates direct to your inbox. This year, we’re super excited to announce that we’re mixing things up! We’ve roped in Australian creatives Michelle Macarounas and Jack Milenkovic to take over our @cultdesignau Instagram, to bring you along on their Milano journey, capturing stories as they visit the best brands, the best installations and the best happenings straight from the fairgrounds and the city! Here, we chat to Michelle and Jack who give us a taste of what to expect from them during their Cult x MDW19 social takeover. Stay tuned!


Michelle// is the Principal and Lead Designer of Sydney based studio, Infinite Design. Her passion for good design stems from understanding the balance between form and function. This passion has driven her work for over 20 years and is demonstrated in successful projects around the globe, in the US, Europe and of course her base in Australia. Her experience is as expansive as it is eclectic, having lent her design philosophy, vision and skills to many different design disciplines including Television, Residential & Commercial Interior Architecture, Conceptual and Spatial Design, Project Construction of Residential, Commercial, Retail, Yachting and Hotels environments.



Jack// is the Creative Director of Lab & Co. With over 16 years in the publishing industry, Jack has pioneered esteemed changes in the creative landscape of Vogue Living, Belle Magazine and GQ Australia. His design practice, Lab & Co, is dedicated to transforming brands through strategic form and original thinking.

Favourite place to stay?


MM: Palazza Leoni at Lake Orta. This is my gorgeous friend’s house. It’s one of my favourite places in the world.  Its outside Milan and I get a ride in daily and leave late at night to retreat after the parties finish.


JM: Hotel Senato, a family run business turned design hotel, right in the heart of Milan.


Top tips for tackling the fair and fitting in all of the must-sees?


MM: Google sheets and sneakers. I know, it sounds more like San Francisco then a Milan type!


JM: Aperol Spritz, preferably in a goblet.


Most anticipated exhibition or installation for MDW19?


MM: There are so many! We have a few wonderful secret events that we cannot yet reveal.... but we will be keeping you posted!


JM:  I’m looking forward to Hidden Rooms at Salvatori. Also Alcova /19 will be interesting, I’ve always loved what Cristina Celestino and Studiopepe have presented in the past.


Best spot for a morning espresso?


MM: Pecks! Its actually a deli.  I also grab a bunch of yummy bits and pieces to take with me for the day.


What are you most looking forward this year?


MM: I am looking forward to seeing the inspiration around collaborations. The list this year is full of them. I feel it’s a great moment in time to see how we as designers work better together than in isolation.  There are so many opportunities this year to see what is happening globally as we come together as a community.


JM: Have never been to Lake Como or Lake Orta, which I am so looking forward to exploring before the madness that is MDW19.


Which designer do you have your eye on?


MM: My eyes are becoming very focused on designers from India at the moment. There is a wonderful sense of contemporary design coming from this part of the world and I am OBSESSED.


JM: Gabriel Scott and Chiara Andreatti and of course Christophe DelCourt. I think from an Australian perspective I’ve have been keeping an eye on Gibson Karlo and I’m looking forward to seeing what is showcased at LOCAL MILAN.


Favourite building to explore?


MM: This year, we’re excited to be invited a private event at Villa D'este on Como – I’m sure this will be up there!


JM: Villa Necchi Campiglio or Palazzo Serbelloni.


Go-to place for a delicious meal after a long day?


MM: It’s not a go to, but this is something I am wanting to do this year - find gorgeous inspiring spaces that relate to nature in some way.  In the crazy style of Milan, I want to try something different this year, and take time out for an hour.  This is one on the list - Potafoiri - It’s a flower and music Bistro… Heaven.


JM: Ristorante da Giordano il Bolognese.


Favourite Milanese district to wander?


MM: Brera of course!


JM: Brera is always classic and you can’t beat the energy there during Salone.


Best spot for an afternoon Aperitivo?


MM: I’m not going to give this one away - this year it’s going to be all new! Watch and see where we take you…


JM: Antonio Marras’s concept store NonostanteMarras with a gallery, café and courtyard are the perfect mix for the afternoon Aperitivo. 

Photo credit: Rosie Schloeffel during MDW18

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