Clean lines, neon lights and terrazzo details form the framework for Cappellini’s minimal yet powerful display at this year’s Salone del Mobile. 

Founded in 1946, Cappellini has become synonymous with contemporary, avant-garde design. Over the years, it has launched some of the world’s greatest designers, producing innovative and high-quality furnishings. Giulio Cappellini is the creator of the company’s uniqueness and is an emblematic figure in the international design scene; universally recognised as a talent scout of young designers.


The 2018 Collection includes project collaborations with some of the world’s leading designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Nendo and Giulio Cappellini himself. Visiting the stand today to discover the news was a major highlight and we loved the use of neon lights inspired by Dan Flavin to frame the new designs in a system of boxes and towers. 


We were drawn to the pieces made with ‘fake-terrazzo’ – a new material designed by Cappellini that reproduces the allure of Venetian mosaic, but offers more longevity and usability. The iconic Gong Lux table is reimagined with this new material, along with Radical Fake – a new integrated desk and shelving system by Patricia Urquiola. We also loved the new High Time sofa by Christopher Pillet, a modular system with exceptional visual lightness.


During Milan Design Week, Cappellini also presents three other installations which we will share more on later this week, including Superloft by Giulio Cappellini, The Journey of Water at Cappellini Point and the #CapGoesGipsy installation at the Cappellini showroom. 


Once again, the collections by Cappellini reveal their eclectic nature, anticipating behaviour and the needs of the end-user, to adapt with nonchalance to residential and contract spaces. Here, we share images from the stand and details of the new pieces presented at Rho Fiera during Milan Design Week – all news will be available across Cult showrooms in Australia later in 2018.

















RADICÀL FAKE by Patricia Urquiola, 2018 

It’s an architectural design defining the space. It’s a sophisticated and ironic game of optical effects. It’s Radical Fake, the desk with integrated library signed by Patricia Urquiola who designed for Cappellini even for the contract sector. The system is defined in the intersection of different linear elements animating an extraordinary tension between symmetry and asymmetry. This new stylistic balance is enhanced by different finishings chosen to highlight the function of each element. Thanks to technology, the surfaces reproduce the beauty of natural material like oak wood with its engraved veins and Venetian marble, also said Terrazzo, with its granules. Nothing is what it seems because each material is drawn from ancient artisan techniques to be later reproduced in a serial production logic. The preciousness of woods and marbles become the visual elements of a new pop interpretation of interior design. 


GONG TERRAZZO by Giulio Cappellini, 2018 

As simple as it is iconic, the Gong table designed by Giulio Cappellini keeps telling the timeless force of design essentiality, made of subtraction and pure forms. Today, Gong is back in the variant Gong Terrazzo which permits itself to be a decorative object but it does so in the typical Cappellini’s manner. The table top reproducing the charm of Venetian flooring, also said Terrazzo, is the result of a refine technological research on finishings which has always been at the centre of creative and manufacturing processes of the company. It’s not just a simple décor but an innovative approach to the definition of materials capable to meet functional and aesthetic demands at the same time. 



DENTO by Tomek Rygalik, 2018 

Forms are soft; surfaces are smooth; lines are clean. From the encounter of four rounded elements, remindful of river pebbles, the Dento seat is born. An all-rounded seat inviting to comfort thanks to its technical construction allowing the armrests to adapt to the position of those sitting on it, only to snap back to its original perfection. The same happens with fabrics and leather upholstery: bending, curling, crushing without forming a crease. Enveloping and comforting, Dento is presented in the Swedish style variant with ash legs, as well as in the swiveling version with die-cast aluminium base. 

JULI PLASTIC by Werner Aisslinger, 2018 

Twenty years later the original project, a new variant of Juli is born, the armchair that had many creative and manufacturing interpretations during its long history. This is the time for Juli Plastic: the shell was redesigned through plastic manufacturing stimulating new frontiers of experimentation. The almost imperceptible restyling enhanced the stylistic contents of the first design, the curves of the shell were made lighter to preserve its sculptural quality, its comfort and the ergonomics of the design. From the variant with a swiveling base to the one with wooden legs, up to the stylistic elegance of the model with tubular metal support, Juli Plastic plays with shades of lobster red and sage green in a refined neo-vintage reference. 

O-CAP by Jasper Morrison, 2018 

A sheet of leather, cut and shaped around the idea of a seat, is the element with which Jasper Morrison defines the O-Cap armchair. O-Cap is the technological evolution of the Cap-Chair from 2013. Confirming the attention and complexity of its manufacturing, the result is a real masterpiece of craftsmanship drawing inspiration from the ancient leather art made in Italy. O-Cap presents a body in full-grain or pigmented leather with a raw cut that in this new version becomes the soul of the item to bring support, envelope and softness to the metal structure which, thanks to a remarkable design, is reduced to its minimum while offering great stability and lightness. The aluminium base, also completely redesigned to create an effect of maximum lightness in the volumes, is available with four spokes with tips or five spokes with or without casters. Even if it was designed for the office and lounge areas, with its refined workmanship and elegant forms O-Cap adapts with versatility to other residential contests.

NEWOOD by BrogliatoTraverso, 2018 

By recasting in a contemporary key the Windsor chairs with their timeless charm, Newood and Newood Light are born and signed by Alberto Brogliato and Federico Traverso. In this new collaboration with Cappellini, the creative duo brings the attention back to the chair and their practical approach to design hits home. Newood and Newood Light reveal the perfect balance between filled and empty spaces, a harmony between technologically advanced manufacturing and craftsmanship, a meeting between past and present. A concept expressed in the extraordinary attention to details and especially in its characteristic backrest made of curved solid wood: this element conveys the tactile pleasure, the authenticity of wood and its reassuring beauty. Newood is a hymn to pure design, confirmed by the fact that it’s the first stackable chair, completely made of wood, by Cappellini. Available in the classic colours of black and bleached wood, it’s renewed in the contemporary shades of Shangai blue and Cherry red. 

HIGH TIME by Christophe Pillet, 2018 

Essential yet extremely refined. Simple yet definitely sophisticated. Linear yet absolutely versatile. These pairs define High Time seating system by Christophe Pillet. The designer for Cappellini brings his designing experience to a tailoring dimension. Forms are built in details and the important work on the ergonomics of the armrests, so high and graceful, conveys total comfort. Sharp lines are softened with the definition of volumes taking shape in a surprising gradual control. The tubular metal base lifts the seat and emphasizes its visual lightness. The upholstery is completely removable and launches a new era in this sector. Designed as a modular and customizable system, High Times includes two- and three-seat sofa, central and angular elements, a chaise longue, a series of pouffes and some coffee tables to be combined in new compositions. 

HOT PALM SPRINGS by Carlo Colombo, 2018 

Dreaming of California, from Hollywood to Malibù, roaring by Sunset Boulevard on a vintage cabriolet. Moreover, the charm of the villas in Palm Spring, an oasis of luxury and wellbeing in the American desert. These sceneries inspired Carlo Colombo in the realization of the Hot Palm Springs sofa: a comfortable and elegant piece of furniture, an invitation to conviviality, pure design blending with meticulous attention to details. The backrest is slightly reclined and defined in a horizontal seam recalling the elegant seats of convertible cars running on the streets of California, and the Sixties are back in the dwelling experience. Designed as a modular system, Hot Palm Springs can be assembled in customized layouts and it’s available in the monochromatic version or in the refined variant with contrasting profiles. 

HARD DRESS - Piero Lissoni 2018 

Design calls for fashion and Hard Dress is born, the chair with the nail. The zipper of the most famous jacket from the roaring Eighties inspired Piero Lissoni in the reinterpretation of M330 and 331 armchairs; the leather upholstery recalls the rock style of Perfecto. The designer brought a renewed expressive force to the seat underlining the geometric profile with a visible two-way zipper that becomes the main decorative feature, other than making the upholstery removable. In a journey through the boldest garments of the past, Hard Dress lands on the ancient atmosphere of ancient China and it’s presented in a retro version in red or blue fabric drawn from the Eastern embroidery typical of the armour of imperial guards from the Ming Era. The stylistic purity of the project is open to different interpretations, only to rediscover sobriety in the variant with armrests and upholstery with inverted pleat, as required by the classical tradition. 


WAKU – Nendo 2018 

Perfection is in details and they mirror, it’s appropriate to say, a refined manufacturing challenge. In the collection of Waku mirrors, Nendo defined his detail embedding the mirror surface in the frame. A stylistic exercise stretched to extremes enhancing the graphic rigour of the design and challenging Cappellini’s manufacturing ability. Four sizes, four interpretations of the most narcissistic piece of furniture. The profile, obtained through a black line, continues over the mirror and mark small shelves and a coat rack, in the floor version. 

WOODEN CLOUD - Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec 2018 

From a perfect concatenation of cylindrical forms one of the bestsellers by Cappellini is born, Cloud, the modular and double-sided library, shaped by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec like the balloon from a comic book, today it’s bringing back nature in the furniture collection with the new project, Wooden Cloud. While keeping its iconic form and its function as a divider element, it was reinterpreted in ash or rosewood: surfaces discover the natural beauty of woodgrain patterns, the structure is lighter to enhance its geometry. A new retractable element allows to stack and fix the libraries in endless combination. 


DIAVOLETTI FAMILY by Daniel Eltner & Alessandro Mendini, 2018 

It all started with Albrecht Dürer. It’s in the magical realism and extreme naturalism of this Renaissance artist that Alessandro Mendini and Daniel Eltner met. In this creative instant, the Diavoletti Family collection of ceramic vases is born: three bizarre and surreal items inspired by ancient idols of the Cycladic civilization on Mykonos island. A seamless combination between the vision of the Italian design master and the experience of the German artist. By modelling ceramic through the ancient technique from the eighteenth century, Diavoletto, Diavoletta and Diavoletto Baby are born: an enigmatic and contemporary triptych reinterpreting with irony the theme of amulets and becoming a suitable symbol to ward off deeds and misdeed from daily life. An ironic and over-the-top family paying homage to the universe by Cappellini, a galaxy of designers, each one with his own language, becoming “pars pro toto” of a creative system. 



FELT 25° ANNIVERSARY by Marc Newson, 2018 

A play of forms and colours defines Mark Newson’s creative spirit reinterpreting the pop language and translating it into a dwelling experience. In this ironic, playful and anticonformist dimension the Felt armchair is born, today, after 25 years it’s still one of the symbols of Cappellini in the world. To celebrate its success, the seat is now available in a numbered edition signed by the designer. The seductive line, obtained through a sinuous bending of a fibreglass plate, remained unaltered and even embellished by a leather upholstery, available in baby blue, violet and celadon. The colours, borrowed from the Fifties, renew the contemporary vintage trends of interior design. 


Photo Credit | Stand and product imagery courtesy of Cappellini.


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