HAY, Sonos and WeWork have come together for the 2018 Milan Design Week to present a shared vision for the future of design, collaboration and living spaces. Located in the heart of Milan at the historical Palazzo Clerici, the exhibition offers over 1500m2 of design for everyday living and working environments. 

Driven by innovation, passion and the unlimited possibilities that evolve from the desire to create better experiences for everyday life – HAY, Sonos and WeWork have imagined an entire universe that will explore the best in design, sound, living and work. The ornate atmosphere of Clerici sets the framework for a series of installations that celebrate the past while evolving for the future. The juxtaposition of old and new amplifies the experience and elevates design, while offering visitors the opportunity to explore numerous spaces, socialise, shop or attend topical discussions. 


At this spectacular space, HAY launches multiple new products from Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Stefan Diez, GamFratesi, Shane Schneck and many more, ranging from furniture to textiles as well as accessories and lighting. An edited collection of products selected by Mette Hay will be sold at the exhibition pop-up shop allowing visitors the opportunity to purchase newly launched HAY Accessories and HAY Kitchen Market products.


As visitors enter the first room of the installation, they are met with an architectural frame created using the new materials and accessories of New Order 2.0. This frame is inlaid with coloured glass in vibrant hues, setting the backdrop for a 2018 news showcase. The exhibition then unfolds into styled settings throughout various rooms in the palazzo, impeccably curated down to the finest of details. Our highlight is a jaw-dropping installation within the installation by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec to introduce their new Elementaire chair. Featuring a backdrop made with glass from Glas Italia, the result is truly mesmerising. Another highlight is the leafy courtyard brimming with Palissade, a perfect spot for a coffee and to admire the scenery. 


WEWORK // Inspired by the ever-changing demands of today’s work environment, HAY and designer Stefan Diez have elevated the functionality and quality of the New Order system. Similarly, and as a result of HAY’s long-standing relationship with WeWork, HAY and Stefan Diez have developed adaptable and flexible solutions to WeWork’s growing network of workspaces. Using WeWork research and member insights, the 2018 Milan exhibition presents Stefan Diez and HAY’s answer to the specific needs of the shared WeWork environment in dedicated workzones. 


SONOS // A mutual commitment to creating accessible contemporary products with an eye for modern living and sophisticated industrial manufacturing has led Mette Hay to further explore the dimension of colour with Sonos and a new colour scale for Sonos One. HAY Sonos One speakers are exhibited throughout the space, complemented by other Sonos products to provide a whole home sound system for the duration of the event. Sonos also partners with the British artist, Trevor Jackson, to create unique atmospheric sound installations that reflect family life in specific living spaces throughout the home.


Visit HAY at Palazzo Clerici 17-22 April 2018 at Via Clerici, 5, Milan. All HAY news will be available later in 2018 from Cult showrooms and the HAY store in Sydney’s Surry Hills.





NEW ORDER 2.0 inlaid with vibrant coloured glass to showcase the 2018 collection, including the new SILHOUETTE SOFA by GamFratesi.



New from HAY - the CORNET barstool.

CAN SOFA by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec



ÉLÉMENTAIRE CHAIR by the Bouroullecs - With Elementaire, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec set out to create a chair that is both aesthetically and physically balanced. A mélange of years of work and experience, Elementaire uses the latest technology to create a chair that is robust enough to be a long-lasting object while still appearing delicate. Precise proportions and a clearprofile give Elementaire a charm that allows it to stand out on its own or look strong in a group. Designed foreveryday life, Elementaire fulfils basic needs in a balance of beauty and strength.


DAPPER lounge chair by Doshi Levien.



TULOU COFFEE TABLE by GamFratesi - Comprising two basic elements – a spun steel round tray with a firm, easy-to-hold edge and a fourlegged frame in tubular steel – the minimalistic design enables the tray to be moved around different indoor and outdoor spaces. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, its flexible design means it is suitable for use in a wide range of private and public contexts.



SILHOUETTE SOFA by GamFratesi –A minimalistic design characterized by the smooth curve of the sofa’s back and piping details. 





Jessica Hans Vase - Based on a handmade design, built and decorated with materials in their natural state, Jessica Hans’ stoneware Vases have a deliberately uneven and irregular design. The design collaboration with HAY is intended to encapsulate Jessica’s organic and abstract work in a functional object, with the sporadic use of colours and shapes making each vase unique.


EIFFEL COLLECTION by Line Depping & Jacob Jørgensen - Based on a simple layering principal, Depping & Jørgensen have created a flexible and multifunctional range of shelving units and tables using cast aluminium leg modules with powder-coated MDF square, round or rectangular plates in different sizes. The shelving systems and tables are available in diverse colours, heights and shapes, making them suitable for use in a wide range of private and public contexts.


BERNARD by Shane Schneck - With the objective of creating a new and affordable design classic with a modern appeal to last future generations, Shane Schneck’s Bernard explores the easy chair genre within a contemporary context. The juxtaposition of a solid oak frame with a visually light cover creates a unique relationship between the two components, resulting in a comfortable and durable chair with a distinctive design language. The frame is crafted in solid oak with different finishes, and the cover will be available in leather or industrial strength canvas.





REVOLVER STOOL by Leon Ransmeier – A small stool version of the bestseller Revolver bar stool. 







REBAR by Sylvain Willenz – This series of coffee, side and tray tables explore the possibilities of re-contextualising construction materials and processes. The design juxtaposes the reinforced steel bar frame with black marble tops and metal trays to create a balanced aesthetic. The tables are available in three different sizes in round and rectangular shapes, and are suitable for using in private, corporate or public spaces.



PC DOUBLE ARM by Pierre Charpin - available now in floor standing version.

BUTLER stool - new release from HAY.











SOWDEN BOTTLE by George Sowden - Contrasting colours make for a playful expression with George Sowden’s bottle series. Crafted in stainless steel with a plastic screw lid, the functional design is suitable for containing hot and cold drinks. Available in different sizes and colours.





Anything by Michael Sodeau - Michael Sodeau’s functional collection of office essentials comprises a stapler, tape dispenser and scissors in a stand. Featuring a plastic casing and available in three different colours.



PALISSADE HOT GALVANIZED by the Bouroullecs – This collection is extended with a new hot-dip galvanised finish, offering maintenance-free longevity. A new Palissade Cone table is also introduced.


HAY news will be available later in 2018 from Cult showrooms and the HAY store in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

Photo Credit | Cult Design (stand details) and courtesy of HAY.


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