Taking place between 5-25 November, DESIGN Canberra Festival is an annual celebration of all things design. This three week festival sees over 100 events including exhibitions, talks, tours, activations, markets, collaborations, artist studios and open homes, all in our nation’s capital. NAU designers Adam Goodrum and Adam Cornish will be participating this weekend during HOME.GROWN. // Discovering Australian Design, and we’re pleased to share details below!

Presented by designcraft and in partnership with the Authentic Design Alliance, HOME.GROWN. // Discovering Australian Design is a free event taking place during the Design Canberra Festival celebrations at designcraft’s Canberra showroom, from 10:30am-12:30pm this Saturday 10 November.

As locally created Australian products command a greater currency than ever before, this two-hour event will unpack the importance of authentic, local design, and explore why investing in Australian design is good for all of us.


Join designers Adam Goodrum, Adam Cornish and Christina Bricknell, alongside Authentic Design Alliance director Anne-Maree Sargeant, as they discuss why we must value the commitment and ingenuity of the creators, brands and distributors of new collections and future classics that enhance the spaces where we live, work and play.


Here we've compiled a selection of some of the locally produced designs that will be up for disccussion this Saturday. To register for this free event, which is open to all lovers of design, click here.


Elegantly sculptural, the Molloy range of dining tables, chairs and coffee tables by Adam Goodrum for NAU feature fluid detailing inspired by a rare act of nature, where two elements meet and seamlessly become one.
Launched this month at Orgatec in Germany, the Chameleon table system by Adam Goodrum for NAU is a modular table solution that takes commercial configuration to new levels.

Stand chairs and table by Adam Cornish, Aran sofa, Nest tables and Molloy coffee table by Adam Goodrum, all for NAU.

Inspired by the vintage steel furniture from the 1950s, the Strand collection by Adam Cornish for NAU is made from simple, tactile materials, chosen for their honesty and ability to age with dignity. 
Quaint, intricate and tactile, Strand by Adad Cornish for NAU is humble enough for homes and cafes, yet strong and ergonomically suited to commercial applications.
The Seam collection by Adam Cornish for Tait was conceived with a design process not dissimilar to the way in which a piece of fabric is tailored into a form-fitting garment, a refined ‘seam’ along the spine of the chair making reference to a seam detail used in garment construction.



ADAM GOODRUM //A firm believer that every environment is defined by the objects within it, Adam Goodrum designs with the philosophy that an object must therefore justify its existence – through its story and detailing. For this reason, his designs celebrate process and craftsmanship, and accentuate components and joinery to create functional pieces with spirit and personality. In recent years, Goodrum’s work has been awarded a host of design accolades including the NGV Rigg Prize, Vogue x Alessi Design Prize , Indesign Luminary Award and the Idea Awards Editor’s Medal. He has also been commissioned to design pieces for several global luxury brands including Veuve Clicquot, Alessi and Cappellini. 


ADAM CORNISH // The scope of Adam Cornish’s work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, from furniture and household innovation, to commercial and residential installations. Cornish’s interest in design stems from his curiosity into the ‘how’; how things are made, how they perform and how they will endure the test of time. After studying Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and Furniture Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Cornish is now based in Melbourne, with products represented by luxury Italian brand Alessi, and locally he has designed collections for TAIT and NAU.


CHRISTINA BRICKNELL// Christina Bricknell is a furniture designer and maker whose work investigates the potentials and capabilities of a variety of materials. Her ongoing exploration of human interactions with an object is a foundation of which she builds her work. Through experimenting with the boundaries and limitations placed on the materials she uses, she creates playful and tactile pieces to bring a light-hearted energy into a space. After studying and living in Canberra, Christina launched ‘Olio’ in collaboration with JP Finsbury Bespoke Joinery at DESIGN-MADE. in Sydney last October.


MODERATED BY ANNE-MAREE SARGEANT (AMS)/Authentic Design Alliance director, Former editor-at-large of Belle Magazine, AMS curates content and produces events for public and industry exhibitions and speaker series; and has attended global design fairs since 1987 as journalist, buyer, keynote speaker, design advocate and curator. As director of the Authentic Design Alliance, an association committed to outlawing counterfeit / knock-off designer furniture in Australia, AMS promotes original design products and design history and the value of investing in the future of our thriving creative industries.



Cult and NAU are proud platimnum members of the Authentic Design Alliance, an independent, member-funded platform rallying to stop design theft in Australia. The ADA exists to support and promote the creators, makers, manufacturers, distributors and retails of genuine and original furniture, lighting and designed-objects. To support and join the ADA, click here.