Debuting for the first time on European shores at ORGATEC 2018, we're so excited to announce that Cult's very own design brand NAU will be unveiling a new design by Adam Goodrum: the Chameleon, alongside other best-selling designs from the NAU collection. Join us at stand #D038, Hall 11.2 from 23-27 October.

From 23-27 October, Australian design brand NAU will be debuting at ORGATEC 2018 in Cologne, Germany, for the launch of its latest commercial solution; the Chameleon by Adam Goodrum.  


Designed by award-winning Australian firm DesignOffice, NAU Stand #D038 (Hall 11.2) will showcase the Chameleon alongside other favourites from the NAU collection by Adam Goodrum, Kate Stokes, Adam Cornish and Tom Fereday.


Here, we take a look at the NAU stand, designs that will be on display and designers that you can expect to meet at ORGATEC 2018.



STAND #D038 (HALL 11.2) // Reflecting the duality of visitors to ORGATEC through its two distinct yet connected zones, the NAU stand will feature a commercial, corporate environment and a domesticated working environment with a heightened feeling of co-working, to showcase the broad-ranging applications and adaptability of the NAU collection. Designed once again by acclaimed Melbourne-based firm DesignOffice, the stand will feature confident geometric forms and defined datums, against a soft, neutral backdrop with shifts in materials.


CHAMELEON BY ADAM GOODRUM // Visitors to the NAU stand will experience a sample of the limitless dimensional, typological and aesthetic table solutions made possible by the Chameleon's cleverly engineered structure. 


BOWER BY ADAM GOODRUM // Breaking away from the rigidity often associated with office and breakout furniture, Bower is inspired by the rambling style nests created by the bowerbird. It's open, organic and gentle form brings a natural and calm aesthetic to commercial spaces.


MOLLOY BY ADAM GOODRUM // Elegantly sculptural, the Molloy chair features artfully rounded joinery and fluid detailing inspired by a rare act of nature, where two rivers meet to become one.


NEST BY ADAM GOODRUM // Nest is a set of two tables that can function nested together or separate individually. Stacked, they create totemic shapes that add interest to any home or office space.


BELL PENDANT BY ADAM GOODRUM // Bell’s understated elegance lies in its simple and pure geometry; a versatile light that sets a warmly refined mood in commercial and residential spaces.


FAT TULIP BY ADAM GOODRUM // A modern take on the traditional club chair, the Fat Tulip sofa and armchair are perfectly proportioned future classics with strong intersecting curves that create immediate graphic interest within informal meeting and lounge spaces.


STRAND BY ADAM CORNISH // Inspired by the vintage steel furniture from the 1950s, the Strand collection is made from simple, tactile materials, chosen for their honesty and ability to age with dignity. Quaint, intricate and tactile, Strand is humble enough for homes and cafes, yet strong and ergonomically suited to commercial applications.


SIA BY TOM FEREDAY AND JOLLY WALL LIGHT BY KATE STOKES // Launched earlier this year at ICFF in New York the SIA chair and JOLLY wall light will feature at NAU stand #D038 (Hall 11.2). 





Meet NAU designers Adam Cornish and Tom Fereday from 9.00-4.00 each day during ORGATEC, from 23-27 October. 



ADAM CORNISH // The scope of Adam Cornish’s work includes an impressive range of design disciplines, from furniture and household innovation, to commercial and residential installations. Cornish’s interest in design stems from his curiosity into the ‘how’; how things are made, how they perform and how they will endure the test of time. After studying Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney and Furniture Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Cornish is now based in Melbourne, with products represented by luxury Italian brand Alessi.


TOM FEREDAY // Tom Fereday develops products based on the principle of honest design, conveying a design process that celebrates the materials and manufacturing processes behind furniture and products, to design from the inside out. By using the materials and environment as a positive design constraint, Fereday guides intelligent and thoughtful design outcomes that connects with people through natural materials, tactile finishes and unique designs, striving to create enduring designs that are meaningful to people and their environment. Born in Australia, Tom Fereday grew up in England studying at the Wimbledon School of Art before moving to Sydney to complete an honours in Industrial Design at the University of Technology Sydney, founding his sole practice in 2012.


Explore the NAU 2018 Catalogue here, or browse the full NAU collection here.

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