We are so proud to this year begin a new partnership with Spanish rug brand Nanimarquina, famous around the world for their unique and surprising handcrafted rugs that blend contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. At this year’s Salone del Mobile, Nanimarquina presents an earthy tactile display to highlight the craftsmanship behind each piece, and introduces new designs by the Bouroullecs, Begüm Cana Özgür, Marcos Catalán and the brand’s director Nani Marquina. 

SHADE BY BEGÜM CANA ÖZGÜR // The Shade collection is expanded with the introduction of a series of poufs. Inspired by magical moments in nature where colours melt and speak for themselves, this collection of exquisite simplicity reflects a complex technical process to achieve the density, regularity, and fluidity of the desired effect. Two gradients converge in each rug, one vertical and one horizontal, in the same plane, harmonically using six transitional shades. Shade Designer Begüm Cana Özgür emphasises, “This is a handmade flat-weave rug that generates an incredible and well-rounded diffusion of colour. The surface releases a sense of tranquillity and well-being that is balanced by the penetrating vibration of colours.” Shade is available in four ombré palettes: from turquoise to eggplant, russet to Klein blue, raspberry to forest green and grey to brownish garnet.








BLUR BY RONAN & ERWAN BOUROULLEC // The sequence of geometric shapes and repetition are definitive hallmarks of the Bouroullec brothers. The  designers possess extensive experience in the design of artisan rugs with nanimarquina - Losanges in 2011 and Lattice in 2016 - choosing the Kilim as their favourite technique. The search for irregularity and vibration in the definition of pattern leads the Bouroullec brothers to invert the direction in which traditional kilims are weavedto create Blur; a collection that offer two different readings. When viewing the rug from afar, an indefinite, unfocused surface is apparent, that gives its name to the collection. Nevertheless, upon approaching the rug, lines and rhythmic rhombuses in different proportions are revealed. Their mastery in this technique is latent achieving an unfocused, unique kinetic effect through geometry and repetition. The collection comprises four models: Blur black, green and red available in 170 x 240cm and 200 x 300cm, and Blur measuring 75 x 400cm.  






KILIM POUF BY MARCOS CATALÁN// Matching all Nanimarquina block-colours rugs, this light, versatile and user-friendly pouf is a decorative accessory to furnish any home with style. Choosebetween the two neutral models or, on the contrary, two colourful models to find the ideal chromatic balance at all times.   




HERB BY NANI MARQUINA// A tribute to nature with block-colours that focus on hemp fibre. This hand-spun fibre was chosen due to its biodegradable nature, lightweight yet resistant and, above all, to connect with the passion of the brand for nature.The  Herb  collection is  available  in four  shades:  Natural, Brown, Black, and Yellow



TRES VEGETAL BY NANI MARQUINA// The beauty of this collection lies in the irregularities generated by the crossing of the fibres: hemp, New Zealand wool and Felt. The Tres collection reflects Nanimarquina’s passion for craftsmanship and was previously expanded in January 2017 with the Tres Stripes and Tres Textura models, as well as introducing new colours.Now, a new version has been introduced into the family: the new Tres Vegetal model, presenting a rustic style thanks to the use of hemp. This hand-spun fibre was chosen due to its biodegradable nature, lightweight yet resistant and, above all, to connect with the passion of the brand for nature.The beauty of this collection, a flat weave created in India, lies in the irregularities generated by the crossing of the fibres and their different thicknesses, but also in the shades of beige, ivory or off-white fibres.





All Nanimarquina novelties will be available from Cult showrooms later in 2018. 

Photo Credit | Cult Design and courtesy of Nanimarquina.


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