With more than one hundred years of experience, the name Poltrona Frau has become synonymous with Italian excellence, heritage, craftsmanship, attention to detail and most importantly, high quality leather manufacturing. Here, we take a closer look at Poltrona Frau’s Leathership legacy, built on a history of research and tradition.

In 1912, a leather workshop was established in Turin by Sardinian-born Renzo Frau, a workshop that produced such unique and classic items of furniture that 100 years later the same designs are still on sale. Under the name of Poltrona Frau – poltrona is the Italian word for armchair – numerous design icons were born. In the 1960s, the company began to commission renowned designers to bring fresh ideas on board: famous names such as Gio Ponti and Marco Zanuso.


Since then, from its Tolentino headquarters on the Adriatic coast, Poltrona Frau has established itself as the leading Leathermasters in the world, with more than 340,000 m2 of Pelle Frau leather produced each year - an iconic material of timeless elegance, comfort and prestige. Not just reserved for its iconic collection of furniture for the refined living room or executive office, Poltrona Frau’s nine different leather ranges can be found on luxury planes, helicopters, yachts and cars.


So what is the story behind this infamous leather? The deep colours, the impressionable warmth when you slide your fingers over the surfaces and seams; the strong, spicy scent. This is leather of particular sensuality, the sort that is only found from Poltrona Frau. By investing in material research and development, Poltrona Frau had made its leather finer and more durable than ever, earning it reputations as the best leather-processing manufacturers in the world.


At Poltrona Frau every creation is the product of experience, with skills handed down through the generations and perfected over time. Nine hand tools, methods and materials — including the curved needle, nails, twine, jute, horsehair, quilting and the hammer —are required to fold, stitch, attach and work leather by the expert hands of Poltrona Frau’s small stable of craftsmen. They define details and folds and mould the leather, expressing their expertise impressively and with great artistry. The manufacturing expertise has always been combined with research into materials, in order to obtain the best from the exclusive Pelle Frau® leather, modernising it while keeping its original, natural softness, warmth and tactile qualities.


THE PROCESS | To enhance the sensory pleasure of natural leather, Poltrona Frau has developed exclusive processes based on twenty different production phases - over double the number normally used in the leather for furnishing segment. These stages of manufacture can be described as a constant flor of slow, ancient, careful gestures – repeated in a timeless rhythm. The Pelle Frau® leather tanning processes are exclusively combined with chrome treatments, which guarantee greater chemical and biological stability, to preserve the softness and flexibility of the leathers. Selected and produced by the finest quality Italian tanneries, Pelle Frau® leather is only "admitted" to the production process after it has passed a series of tests in the Poltrona Frau laboratories: from sensory tests to evaluate its hand, touch, colour, appearance and choice, to physical and mechanical tests that guarantee its impermeability, breathability and resistance to rubbing and stains. Watch a video on Poltrona Frau’s immaculate process here.


THE LEATHER COLLECTIONS | Poltrona Frau offers nine leather collections, each with distinctive qualities in terms of feel, warmth and appearance. There is a leather suitable for every purpose - from the incredibly soft Nest collection which is hand-coloured in oak barrels, to the timelessly elegant Heritage collection which is of the highest quality and deliberately untreated to sensually highlight the natural colour, softness and odour of natural leather. Discover all nine collections here















The full Poltrona Frau collection is available exclusively in Australia from Cult. Visit our showrooms to discover the collection.