Simon Collezione from Cassina

Combining the likes of Meret Oppenheim, Carlo Scarpa and Man Ray; the Simon collection will be landing in Australia during Melbourne Indesign for the first time ever. For such a small company, Simon has had an overwhelming impact on design. 


Recently acquired by Cassina, the Simon Collezione will build on an already prolific collection of Italian design history and Cult are eager to share this vaulted collection.


Established in 1968, Simon was started by Italian duo Dino Gavina and Maria Simoncini who wanted to promote the great tradition of Italian design. The contribution of both cultural experience and manufacturing expertise converged to generate a cult collection for enthusiasts of design. The furniture designs became synonymous with a company that managed to act as a cultural, promotional vehicle.


See selected pieces of the Simon collection in Cassina's shop-in-shop display at the Melbourne Cult showroom during Melbourne Indesign.