Poltrona Frau is an absolute showstopper this year, with a wealth of product news gracefully curated at their Salone del Mobile stand. Exploring the concept of lightness with a new home and accessories collection, the 2018 novelties make up an extremely modern and authentic vision of timeless elegance. 

Inspired by the concept of lightness, Poltrona Frau at Salone del Mobile 2018 is once again designed by Michele De Lucchi from Storie di Architettura. In the architect’s vision, classic and contemporary inspirations coexist in the living space, creating simple environments that exude quality. 


The stand, along with the 2018 collection, is therefore based on these dynamic contrasts. On one side of the 1200sqm space, the solidity of tall walls contrasts against the light doors in metal and glass. On the other side, the stand features cracked, broken and scarred walls that contrast with the luxury of the Poltrona Frau products; but the artful execution is reminiscent of a public art installation and the balance of light and solid is achieved. 


Amongst this setting of contrasts, the 2018 Collection is presented, including Poltrona Frau’s first-ever collaboration with Copenhagen-based design studio GamFratesi. Drawing on the brand’s rich heritage in the production of leather, GamFratesi has created Cestlavie; a collection of spherical storage units made with interwoven saddle leather strips.In addition to Cestlavie, the brand also designed Soffi – a series of pendant lamps that pair blown glass with elegant buckled leather collars.

Other product launches build on established collaborations between Poltrona Frau and designers such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Ludovica+Roberto Palomba and Roberto Lazzeroni. Moreover, the Italian heritage brand also reinforces its ventures with established Asian designers Neri&Hu, with the launch of a stunning lantern-inspired light series named Xi. New products are introduced across all categories, with highlights including the new Byron chaise lounge, Isadora chair, Arabesque armchair, Times bed, Come Together system, Clayton sofa, Othello tables and more. 


Finally, Poltrona Frau also introduces a new Objects collection; an accessories line of unique pieces of formal purity and sophistication. Designs include the Ascos glass jug and Casta marble bowl by Angelo Mangiarotti, handblown glass bases by Swedish designer 


All 2018 novelties from Poltrona Frau will be available across the Cult showrooms in Australia later this year.

Poltrona Frau at Salone del Mobile 2018 is once again designed by Michele De Lucchi from Storie di Architettura. In the architect’s vision, classic and contemporary inspirations coexist in the living space, creating simple environments that exude quality. 

Jean-Marie Massaud was inspired by the sharing culture of the East for this circular extension to the Jane table, with a built-in lazy susan. 

Detail of the new Jane table, shown with the expansive Lloyd shelving.

The Soffi pendant lamps by GamFratesi pair blown glass with elegant buckled leather collars.

The minimalistic design of GamFratesi captures the exact moment when the blowing technique gives the glass its shape. 

The new Byron chaise lounge by Jean-Marie Massaud is described by the designer as a ‘radical piece of architecture’. 

The Cestlavie by GamFratesi is a rotund coffee table come basket made from interwoven saddle leather straps.

The meticulous craftsmanship found in Cestlavie pays tribute to Poltrona Frau’s time-honoured leather culture and artisanship. 

Xi, meaning ‘light of dawn’ in Chinese, is the name of the hanging and table lamps by Neri & Hu. The project aims to convey a culture of light based on the awareness that the start of any day is like the beginning of life, infused with positivity and a sense of rebirth.

When the Xi lamps, designed by Neri & Hu, are illuminated, their soft, full light evokes the early morning sunlight.

The Xi lamps made of blown glass and saddle-leather.

An encounter between pure and natural materials, the Othello tables by Roberto Lazzeroni are made with expertly treated wood and high quality marble and glass. 

Detail of the new Lola Darling bed by Robert Lazzeroni, which features a prominent sculpted headboard that is generous and soft. Shown here with the Fidelio bedside table, Leather Pot and La Lampade by Jean-Marie Massaud.



Robert Lazzeroni has enriched the series of Fidelio with a new multimedia cabinet; a versatile and generous accessory, ideal for housing the TV and stereo.

The gracefully curated Poltrona Frau stand at Salone del Mobile 2018, showcasing existing collections along new released, including the Ren by Neri & Hu and Lepli by Kensaku Oshiro. 

The DU55 armchair by Gasone Rinaldi (2013) and Bob side table by Jean-Marie Massaud (2006) in Emperado marble.

New bedroom collections by Poltrona Frau, including the Times bed, Moodance bedside table by Roberto Lazzeroni and Xi table lamp by Neri & Hu.

Moondance table, tall boy and bedside table is a collection of accessories by Roberto Lazzeroni that transform the bedroom into a luxurious, intimate and inviting personal oasis.


Designed by Kensaku Oshiro, Arabesque’s sinuous lines display the same natural tensions as a dancer’s body; pure beauty and elegance is the result.
The Isadora chair by Roberto Lazzeroini is inspired by the grace of Isadora Duncan, a pioneer of contemporary dance.

Clayton by Jean-Marie Massaud is a geometric sofa that takes inspiration from the haute couture world with its tailored, interwoven back and sides.

In the social media era, the Come Together modular sofa by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba is a real-life meeting point for sharing experiences and conversations. Each element has been designed to bring people together. 
Poltrona Frau launches Gli Oggetti, a new collection of home accessories including the Blue Pallo vases by Cath Seth Andersson, a range of decorative silk cushions and other containers, vessels and objects.

Zhuang, a collection of containers by Neri & Hu offers a system of small storage boxes characterised by a minimalistic and ultra-modern design.

Cretto bowl, Marianne, and Leather Pot are all part of Poltrona Frau's new Gli Oggetti range of home accessories.



Photo Credit | Cult Design (exhibition) & courtesy of Poltrona Frau (product & campaign).


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