Nanimarquina Contract. Textile solutions for all projects

Nanimarquina Contract. Textile solutions for all projects

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Spanning over 30 years of experience, Nanimarquina sets the international benchmark in contemporary rug design. From a small perfumery in Paris to the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Nanimarquina has completed more than 2,000 global projects from its Barcelona studio, helping artists and designers express their vision with unique textile solutions. 

Read on to discover Nanimarquina's new contract services for design professionals, including bespoke solutions, catalogue customisations, installation add-ons and Formula contract collection, with lead times as short as three weeks for selected designs. 

NEW. Formula Contract Collection

A new collection of highly functional plain rugs designed with sustainability in mind for contract projects. With over 250 possible combinations, choose from 5 models and 30 colours to find the indoor or outdoor solution that best suits your project. 

CUSTOM CATALOGUE. Adapt standard ranges 

Nanimarquina Contract offers a customisation service that allows you to adapt any rug in the catalogue to the needs of your project. Choose from among 70 collections, and alter the size, colour and more. Rugs complement furniture, create texture and colour, and isolate the noise. A rug is a great solution to define a space, improve air quality or even reduce static electricity.

Selected collection designs are available with short lead times under four weeks, and custom designs in under 12 weeks. 

Saltus Hotel (South Tyrol, Italy) with Shade 1 outdoor rug.

Les Roches Rouges Hotel (Saint-Raphaël, France) with Earth rug in custom edging.

WeWork (Paris, France) with Melange rug in custom patterns. 

Indigo Slam Residence (Sydney, Australia) with Blur rug in custom sizing. Photography by David Roche. 

BESPOKE DESIGNS. Tailor-made for you

Nanimarquina Contract can transform your own design into a rug or simply start from an idea or briefing. Harness the team’s experience and extensive know-how to express your vision in an expedient and efficient way. You will be guided through the process of design, prototyping, definition and execution, giving you the maximum guarantee and control at every stage. 

United Nations Headquarters (Geneva) with 80 bespoke Nanimarquina rugs reproducing artwork of Miquel Barceló, with added acoustic properties. 

ADD-ON. Installation solutions 

CULT and Nanimarquina know each project is unique. That's why we offer you a wide selection of ad-hoc rug installation solutions, technical certifications and treatments best suited to your projects. From cut outs for powerboxes and cords, to extra backing, edges, anti-slide rug bases, weight corners, bindings, fringes and wall hanging hardware, we have you covered.

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