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A big plate of freshly made pasta is being draped over an even bigger wooden rolling pin, this was the beginning of the design process for the Ovo chair. The British designer Damian Williamson, who is the man behind Ovo says: “I started to study how this nonchalant expression could be transferred in to an arm chair. The back and the armrest are folded in the same way as the pasta, even the soft rounding of the lower corners of the chair reflects the flowing perimeter from the paste

Ovo is a sophisticated arm chair with beautifully curved shapes that rests upon a stringent steel frame. As a long and elegant line the same piece of steel connects the back of the chair with its front side. This results in a playful and light integration between the leather and the steel, while the seams have been concealed inside the leather.

“The way whereupon the steel construction integrates with the padded elements, is a result of a contemplated holistic approach to the project. The purpose was to find a harmonic balance between the materials and examine how the integrated the best way possible. The squared steel frame is therefore used as the foundation of the chair, but also to define the edge of the chair where the padded surfaces meet: a detail designed to reduce the number of visible stitches to a minimum”, the designer Damian Williamson says.

The design of Ovo is first and formest generous, but it also has a great comfort. With its comfortable seat, the chair invites you to lean back and relax. Ovo is with its beautiful and elegant design the perfect match for you, regardless if it is being placed in your own home or in the luxurious hotel-suite or lobby.

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