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Erik Jørgensen Design Team excel at upholstery and their mastery of Scandinavian craftsmanship. In 2004, they launched the minimalist masterpiece EJ 50-1 and EJ 51, one of which is slightly wider than the other. The upholstery is carried out with extreme precision and attention to comfort, perhaps most elegantly manifested through EJ 50’s firm seat and back. The geometrical cube is supported by a stainless-steel frame, resulting in a design that appears to hover in the air.

The lounge chair’s EJ 50-1 and EJ 51 are available in two widths that both have the same beautiful and simple look. Therefore, they fit just as nicely in the middle of a room in a grouo of many chairs as they do in a smaller group where focus is on luxury and comfort with the wider model.

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