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Larsen & Bender Madsen

Larsen and Bender Madsen became acquainted at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Their acquaintance developed into a lifelong friendship, and in 1947 they began to design together in their spare time, continuing until Larsen's death in 1987. Starting in 1947, they annually exhibited at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Furniture Exhibition together with various other cabinetmakers. From the mid-50s, they worked closely with cabinetmaker Willy Beck for over 25 years. Together, the duo developed a number of Danish classics - over 300 designs in total - always working in a clean, simple style that produced timeless designs. The Metropolitan Chair with saddle leather upholstery from 1959 is seen as the design duo's most important work. Larsen and Bender Madsen's furniture has been exhibited within Denmark and internationally, including at La Triennale in Milan, Italy, in the USA at the Design in Scandinavia exhibition and The Arts of Denmark exhibition.

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