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A relaxed armchair. Innovative in its design and in its construction. A suptle shell dressed in a padded cover with textiles made out of recycled plastic. Hip and socially responsible. A simple operation can completely change the Lud'o's character, giving it a different look. A personality. A change of season. A season for a change.

Not a removable upholstery but a wearable upholstery, characterized by one's mood and the option of choices.

With visual distinction, comfort and style, Lud'o begins a new chapter in the evolution of contemporary sitting.
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  • Lud'o Pouf
    Lud'o Pouf


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    From $2,010
  • Lud'o 4-Spoke Base
    Lud'o 4-Spoke Base


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    From $8,680
  • Lud'o Swivel Base
    Lud'o Swivel Base


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    From $7,780
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