• Use a duster or soft brush to clean the surface of any dust or dirt.
  • Clean with a soft cloth or sponge using warm, soapy water. Remove non washable deposits using approved cleaners (stainless steel cleaners, light detergents, thinners). Do not use any abrasive products , as these will gradually erode the finish. Do not use abrasive sponges as they may leave scratches.
  • Wipe in one direction only, along the original polish lines. Rinse well with clean water and wipe drywith a soft rag or chamois leather. Never leave water or other liquids to sit on metal parts. Avoid contact with all acidic substances.
  • Products not specifically marked with the words “Suitable for Outdoor Use”” must not be used outside because they would be subject to permanent damage by the elements.
  • We advise you to consult with our company before using outdoor products in extreme weather conditions.
  • For the Magis Al Bombo stool (in die-cast aluminium) we recommend using the special Al Bombo Cleaning Kit.