1919 Armchair

PF 1919 Lounge chair
PF 1919 Lounge chairPF 1919 Lounge chair 2191919191919
Greater Than 14 Weeks


1919 takes its cue from model 128, which made its debut in Renzo Frau's 1919 catalogue. The 128 reproduced the opulent features of rococo armchairs, with the addition of a special extension to serve as footrest and a small book stand supported by an arm anchored to the side.

The present-day version of this armchair, reproducing the big 'ears' of the seatback and the large rounded arms with plissé finish, is even more stylish, and the book stand has been replaced with an optional brass tray. The design of the back is achieved by means of manual quilting.


The brearing structure is made of seasoned beech. The seat is stuffed with rubberised horsehair, the seat back and arms use vegetal horsehair fashioned by hand. The seat, back and arms all use biconic steel springs tied manually and rested on jute belts.


Available in Pette Frau® leather from the Colour System, Heritage leather or RAF leather. Structure also available in these leathers, while seat cushions are also available in fabric.


Length / Width / Seat height / Height

950 / 900 / 500 / 930mm