Aida Lamp

12 to 14 Weeks

The Aida Lamp is one of the most characteristic lamps drawn by Angelo Mangiarotti. There is a certain tension in the design that makes for an interplay with the two large volumes that are connected only by a slim stem which seems too weak to hold the larger shade. Again, Angelo Mangiarotti references the structures in his architecture that he is so famous for – slim, elegant pillars that supports large and heavy ceilings in an almost impossible lift. Of course the lamp is not fragile or out of balance, but is a beautiful and sculptural lamp that creates a soft indirect light.



A mouth blown glass half-sphere on aluminium steel support arm and base.



Opal glass half-dome on black lacquered base and support



Cord: 2 meters

Bulb Max: GU10 7W LED 230V Reflector

Production in Denmark and Poland

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