Analog Table
Analog Table Analog Table Analog Table Analog Table
Greater Than 14 Weeks


Analog is celebrating the authentic way of connecting with people around a table by bringing us closer. The table promotes a return to the genuine togetherness that is a stark contrast to the digital life we face with demands of constant on-line presence. Analog is not a square, not a circle, not an oval – it is a new form that takes the best from the three classic shapes and brings them together in a new, organic form. There is no hierarchy, just a beautiful platform for conversations which is a perfect match for modern relationships among family members, friends and colleagues.



Analog comes in two sizes and five variants: as a table for 6 or 8 persons and with table tops in white laminate, oak and walnut veneer. The base consists of four legs made of solid wood in the finishes black coloured oak, oak and walnut. The legs is attached to the table top with a ‘trumpet’ in either white or black coated aluminium. The underside of the table top is lacquered in colours matching the trumpet. Each leg is mounted with black synthetic glides.




White & Oak / White Laminate

Black & Black / Oak Veneer

White & Oak / Oak Veneer

Black & Walnut / Oak veneer

Black & Black / Walnut Veneer



Length / Width / Height

JH63: 1850 / 1050 / 720mm

JH83: 2450 / 1050 / 720mm

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