Aros Rug

Aros Aros Square
12 to 14 Weeks

Almost perfect, almost serene, almost discreet and indiscreet, almost happy. The simplicity of an irregular outline defines the form of each Aros rug. Comprised of three circular models in contrasting colours and two different sizes, and a square version, this is a rug that is never exact or symmetrical. The subtle asymmetry in each design invites freedom from conventional uses, making it possible to combine more than one piece to create new volumes in a single space. A timeless nanimarquina icon.



Aros round 1 100cm diameter

Aros round 1 200cm diameter

Aros round 2 200cm diameter

Aros round 2 100cm diameter

Aros square 200x200cm



Hand tufted New Zealand Wool