Greater Than 14 Weeks



Roberto Lazzeroni has designed the “Bolero” table. Sleek, light lines for the living room. The top, attached to the supports using a spacer, almost appears to float in space. Its faintly trapeze-like shape accentuates the visual perception of a thickness reduced to the minimum. The original tapered triangular section gives the supports greater dynamism. The overall effect is one of subtle, airy


In this painstaking economy of elements, the inlay work on the wengé-stained ash veneered surface is particularly notable. Macro wooden tesserae combine to create a pattern of horizontal and vertical grains that is different each time. 
The surface is produced from wood particle board in a rotary-cut ash veneer, trimmed, around the edge, in solid ash wood. Legs in wengé-stained solid ash wood. Mounting plates and spacers in black lacquered steel.


Width / Depth / Height

2500mm / 1000mm / 760mm

3000mm / 1000mm / 760mm

Round Tables:

1500mm dia / 760mmH

1800mm dia / 760mmH with lazy susan