Collage Pendant

12 to 14 Weeks


The Collage pendant was designed in 2005 by Louise Campbell. Louise Campbell has always been very preoccupied with daylight in her work with lighting. Her aim with the Collage pendant was therefore to imitate daylight. Louise Campbell: "The most obvious contrast between daylight and artificial light is that nature only has one light source, and you never look directly into it. Our perception of light is based on countless natural layers which filter and reflect the light." These observations have been integrated into both the Campbell and Collage pendants. In the Collage pendant, the number of layers has been increased and the pattern, light and shadows more closely replicate the uncontrollable light seen in nature. In 2015, both versions were relaunched in new colours with a matt surface to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the launch. The fixture emits diffuse light directed primarily downwards. The patterns on the three lasercut acrylic shades have been carefully staggered with the aim of eliminating unpleasant glare from the light source. The patterns differ between the shades, resulting in different perceptions of light and shadow depending on the viewing angle. A soft and comfortable light will be obtained by mounting the lower antiglare shade.



450mm diameter

600mm diameter



Suspension: Natural anodised aluminium.

Shades: Laser cut matt acrylic.


White Matt

Blue-Grey Matt

Dark Green Matt

Rose Matt



Suspension type: Cable 2x0,75mm². Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 3m. Top and bottom antiglare shades are available as accessories.