Designer: Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin


Born in Paris in 1927, Pierre Paulin made his début in the design field in the 50s (after having studied stone carving and clay modeling at the Ecole Camondo in Paris) becoming immediately known for his iconic and innovative designs (such as his sculpture-seats Mushroom, Tongue Chair, Ribbon Chair), which anticipated in a certain way the social revolutions through the styles of life that they encouraged. 

In the 70s he was commissioned by the French President Pompidou to fit out a series of reception rooms in the Elysée Palace, bringing modernity to this location through his emblematic and innovative style. 

In these same years Paulin also collaborated with Le mobilier National, renovating the wing Denon of the Louvre Museum and various other important locations in Paris. 

He was a designer with a complex personality, who has been celebrated and exhibited all over the world as a recognized master of universal design. 

Architect of “imagery”, he created a style, even against his will, marking deeply our everyday life with sweet, armonic and evocative shapes and their great innovative content. 

He was one of the few designers in the world who -from the 50s to the present day- never ceased to be modern. 

The last works of his 60-years-long career (Pierre Paulin died in June, 2009) are the low chair Flower and the shelving system Elysée designed for Magis, which are the results of a fruitful collaboration started in 2001.


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