EJ450 Delphi

EJ450EJ450 Delphi space 1EJ450 Delphi space 2EJ450 cmyk
Greater Than 14 Weeks


Delphi modular sofa is spacious and has interesting construction dynamics emphasized by the sophisticated details. The sofa primarily appeals to the home market because of the two depths in the seat and loose cushions. The asymmetry between the different seating depths is repeated in the back- and arm rests. This stimulates not only the body that rests in the sofa but also the eye that looks at it.


Upholstered in Leather or fabric. Covers are fixed in leather and removable in fabric. Legs available in matt chromed steel or untreated oak.


Seat height / Height / Width / Depth

370mm / 660mm / 2050mm / 850mm (EJ450-E10)

370mm / 660mm / 2400mm / 850mm (EJ450-E11)

370mm / 660mm / 3250mm / 850mm (EJ450-E12)

370mm / 660mm / 850mm / 850mm (EJ450-E6)

370mm / 660mm / 850mm / 1200mm (EJ450-E3 Broad)

370mm / 660mm / 1200mm / 850mm (EJ450-E2)

370mm / 660mm / 850mm / 1200mm (EJ450-E1 Corner)

370mm / 660mm / 1200mm / 850mm (EJ450-E1 left)

370mm / 660mm / 1200mm / 850mm (EJ450-E1 right)

370mm / 660mm / 1200mm / 850mm (EJ450-E3)

     -     / 370mm / 1200mm / 850mm (EJ450-E4)

     -     / 370mm / 850mm / 850mm (EJ450-E5)

370mm / 660mm / 850mm / 2050mm (EJ450-E7)

370mm / 1200mm diameter (EJ450-E8)

370mm / 1200mm diameter (EJ450-E9)