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Greater Than 14 Weeks


EJ 50 is a new, minimalistic and compact piece of furniture. The upholstery is precise marked by the characteristic stitches and a mat chrome frame supports and emphasizes the cubistic design. The fix upholstered back and the firm seat cushions make the model perfect for public areas and private homes where simplicity in design and furnishing take pride of place. By virtue of material and design the model has a fine correlation with modern architecture. A model in which you are well seated. The model comes in different sofa sizes and in a well-dimensioned club chair.


Available in fabric or leather. Legs in stainless steel.


Seat height / Height / Width / Depth

440mm / 700mm / 760mm / 800mm

440mm / 700mm / 1620mm / 800mm (two seater)

440mm / 700mm / 2380mm / 800mm (three seater)

440mm / 700mm / 1980mm / 800mm (three seater-short)

440mm / 700mm / 690mm / 730mm (EJ 51)

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