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Greater Than 14 Weeks


Fumoir reproposes the stylish living room furnishings, exemplified by models 118 and 518, that appeared in Poltrona Frau’s catalogue of the Twenties. It is inspired by the low-back dished armchair of the 18th century, specially suited for the upright sitting position that people assume around a table or in a waiting room. The entire range comes with front wheels of brass and is characterised by the diamond-shaped stitching pattern of the seatback.


The bearing structure is made of seasoned Beech. Seat springing is by means of biconic steel springs tied by hand and rested on jute belts. The padding material is rubberised horsehair.


Available upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather or fabric from Poltrona Frau’s exclusive textile collection.


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

800mm / 800mm / 780mm / 400mm (armchair)

1500mm / 800mm / 780mm / 400mm (2 seater sofa)

2100mm / 800mm / 780mm / 400mm (3 seater sofa)