PF Intervista
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Greater Than 14 Weeks


Linear, elegant design. Comfortable and welcoming, Intervista provides a single element that ensures a good, well-supported posture. Intervista 360 completes the series of the eternal ‘small armchair for the television studio’, now becoming a swivel chair to meet the demands of a new way of experiencing the workplace and sharing meetings.


The steel frame is padded with moulded polyurethane foam. Seat suspension is provided by elastic strips. The 360 armchair is mounted onto a base with a sphere crown that allows for rotation. The twist version is fitted with one-way front wheels and swivel rear wheels to ease forward-backward movement. Pelle Frau leather upholstery. 


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

710mm / 680mm / 830mm / 420mm (Intervista)

820mm / 730mm / 790mm / 420mm (Intervista Twist)

710mm / 680mm / 845mm / 420mm (Intervista 360 swivel)