12 to 14 Weeks


Damian Williamson is a master of details. The London-born designer is renowned for his ability to mix and match tight and organic expressions to create designs that are both simple and rich. As a great example, Konami’s slender front is deconstructed by finely tuned waves that rise from the individual cushions. The upholstery work ensures an elegant and ethereal finish. Williamson’s ambition has been to create a sofa that is as easy on the eye, as it is comfortable to sit in. The wide armrests and the soft cushions make it a perfect resting point regardless of whether you want to relax sitting up or lying down. As a significant counterpoint to Konami’s soft pillows, Williamson has equipped the sofa with slim steel legs that gracefully lift the body from the floor. ’Konami’ is a contraction of the Japanese ’ko’ and ’nami’ which means ’little wave”.



The Konami sofa is launched in both a 2- and 3-seater version.

2-seater measurements: H: 71 cm / SH: 42 cm / D: 104 cm / L: 191 cm

3-seater measurements: H: 71 cm / SH: 42 cm / D: 104 cm / L: 278 cm