Le Spighe

PF Le Spighe
PF Le Spighe
Greater Than 14 Weeks


A new interpretation of the bar stool. The footrest extends out from the seat, and the soft disc that forms the seat, would seem to float above this American walnut wood stool. The result is a stool that can only be described as fascinating, made with materials and finishes that have been chosen for their durability.


Seat upholstered in either Pelle Frau leather. Chrome-finished steel base and footrest.

This swivelling stool is also available in a height-adjustable version. 


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

430mm / 440mm / 700-900mm / 580-780mm (swivel + height adjustable)

430mm / 440mm / 670mm / 550mm (swivel 67)

430mm / 440mm / 770mm / 650mm (swivel 77)

430mm / 440mm / 870mm / 750mm (swivel 87)