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Lordo task chair features an advanced synchron mechanism which works together with the pressure-regulated elastic backrest fabric. The striped mesh is fixed to the backrest frame and has just a single layer which produces a comfortable and ergonomic cushioning effect, making Lordo one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever sit in.

The modern Lordosis Lumber Support is swing mounted and is an integrated part of the adjustable elasticised backrest. The perfect position advanced seating mechanism and seat tilt adjustment allows users to sit correctly with the body in a balanced posture while locking in numerous positions. The seat and backrest simultaneously follow the movements of the user and the seat surface can easily move beneath the backrest, which allows for enormous seat depth adjustment thereby accomodating the shortest to the tallest user.

As a result, Lordo guarantees that the pelvis always remains in the correct position and reduces pressure on the thighs, thus ensuring blood flow, regardless of the user's posture when sitting. Lordo simply provides the most comfortable seat in the office today, ensuring many hours of productivity.


Available in low and high back, with or without arms and on castors or glides. Arms available with or without upholstered arm pads.


Back rest available in black or silver. Seat and arm pads available with fabric or leather upholstery.


Width / Depth / Height / Seat Height

Low Back
475mm / 575mm / 925 - 1125mm / 400 - 525mmm

High Back
475mm / 575mm / 1150 - 1375mm / 400 - 525mm