PH 2/1 Stem Fitting

12 to 14 Weeks


Poul Henningsen designed the three-shade system back in 1925-1926. The first lights using the system were designed by PH in cooperation with Louis Poulsen for an exhibition in Paris. This partnership continued up until his death in 1967. Throughout his life, PH sought to create glare-free light, direct light where it was most needed, and create soft shadows, using incandescent bulbs as a light source. PH 2/1 Stem Fitting is a member of the three-shade family which numbers 18 lights today, including three for outdoor use. PH 2/1 Stem Fitting consists of three lights with an approximately 20 cm top shade, but uses lower shades from the 1/1 model. These ‘hybrid’ models were introduced due to the desire to hang pendants at lower heights. PH 2/1 Stem Fitting in its current form was introduced in 2003.



339H x 596dia mm



Shades: Mouth-blown white opal glass.

Body: High lustre chrome plated, brass.

Socket cover: High lustre chrome plated, spun aluminium.


High lustre chrome plated. White opal glass.



Suspension type: Cable 2x0,75mm². Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 3,5m.