PH 4/3 Table Lamp

12 to 14 Weeks


PH 4/3 Table is a member of the three-shade family which numbers 18 lights today, including three for outdoor use. Henningsen was the first person to pursue a scientific approach to light and use the logarithmic spiral as a basis. By using a design based on the logarithmic spiral he achieved even distribution of light over the entire curve of the shade. This even light distribution, together with the diffuse reflection through the glass, made it possible to control glare and shadow. Each shade reduces the amount of light equally, due to their distance from the light source. The PH light model numbers refer to the shade size. Each top shade had a corresponding set of middle and lower shades. In the ‘pure’ models, such as the 2/2, the top shade has a size of about 20 cm, with corresponding lower shades. PH 4/3 Table consists of an approximately 40 cm top shade, but uses lower shades from the 3/3 model. These ‘hybrid’ models were introduced due to the desire to hang pendants at lower heights. The system was also used for wall, table and floor lamps. PH 4/3 Table in its current form was introduced in 1966.


Shades: Spun aluminium.

Base: High lustre chrome plated, spun brass.

Stem: High lustre chrome plated, steel.

Triangular piece: Black sandblasted, injection moulded bakelite.



White, powder coated.

High lustre chrome plated.



Cable type: Plastic cord with plug. Cable length: 2.9m. Light control: In-line switch on cord.