PH80 Floor

12 to 14 Weeks


PH 80 is a member of the three-shade family which numbers 18 lights today, including three for outdoor use. Thus PH did not just design a light, but an entire system – around a thousand different models have been produced over the years. This wide selection consisted of table, floor and wall lamps, as well as a number of different chandeliers, which were very popular in the 30s for lighting private homes from high ceilings. PH 80 is based on the same three-shade design centred on the logarithmic spiral. The material is opal acrylic, and the top shade is red to provide warm and atmospheric lighting. The light model number does not refer to the top shade diameter as is normally the case for three-shade models. The light was created in 1974 after PH’s death to mark 80 years since his birth – hence the name PH 80.



Shades: High pressure moulded white opal acrylic.

Top shade: Black, high pressure moulded polycarbonate.

Base: Black, high pressure moulded ABS.

Stem: High lustre chrome plated, steel.


White opal acrylic. High lustre chrome plated.



Cable type: Plastic cord with plug. Cable length: 2.6m. Light control: On/off switch on cord.