Rangoli 1

Rangoli 1
Rangoli 1Rangoli 1
12 to 14 Weeks


A Rangoli is a Hindu floral design with a long historic tradition. Placed on the floor at the entrance of houses or buildings as a welcome symbol, the Rangoli provides protection or offers good luck. The pattern is normally composed of flower petals, leaves, coloured powders, rice flour, and other elements that act as a vehicle for decoration. Inspired by the essence of the Rangoli, the rug is a tribute to the original essence, acting as a beacon of wellbeing and welcome. In addition to the beautiful historical undertones, the rugs in this collection offer extraordinary charm for living or dining rooms in the large version, or hallways and bedrooms in the smaller version.



Ø 125 cm

Ø 200 cm

Ø 250 cm



Hand tufted



New Zealand wool