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Beige, Black, Lime, Olive Green, Light Green, Bordeaux, Coral Red, Pink
12 to 14 Weeks


Tibu is a reinterpretation of the height-adjustable stool with gas piston. The very first example in this category was the Bombo stool (design Stefano Giovannoni), which was brought to the market by Magis in 1997.

When Magis set out to reinterpret this category, they spontaneously wanted to represent the height-adjustment feature in a new way. The seat and footrest of the Tibu are connected in a distinctly continuous shape. The base and the trunk are connected as a balancing counterpart. The organization of the various parts expresses the possibility of movement. The stool is monochrome in order to give all the parts of the product equal importance. The surface changes characteristics where needed, from the scratch-proof steel to the soft seat. The super resilient coating was developed especially for this project to safeguard the purity, geometry and simplicity of its design. The stool has an easily recognizable graphic expression, like a calligraphic image.


Year of production




Powdeercoated steel, fabric seat (Kvadrat – Steelcut 2)



Diameter / Height
370mm / 600-770mmH (height adjustable)
370mm / 600mmH (fixed height)
370mm / 760mmH (fixed height)