Toldbod Bollard

12 to 14 Weeks


Toldbod Bollard was launched in 2006, with a design based on the PH Ellipse reflector. The fixture is very sturdy and discreet. The design is very precise, making the light suitable for a variety of architectural environments. The light is directed 100% downwards and the shade has a matt white painted interior emitting a soft, diffused, comfortable light.



Fixture head: Chilled casting aluminium.

Shield: Laser cut acrylic satine.

Arm: Chilled casting aluminium.

Post: Extruded aluminium.


Aluminium coloured with textured surface or black with textured surface, powder coated.



Terminal block: 1x5x2.5mm². Cable entries: 2x bottom entries to Ø 17mm. Looping: Approved, max. 5x2,5mm². Earth anchor to be ordered separately. Anchor bolts to be sourced locally.