PF Twice
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Greater Than 14 Weeks


Perfect symmetry and an eye for construction detail. Twice is characterised by the upholstery that folds back on itself and by the brass details (polished, chrome or satin finish that enhances the side edging of the seats).  The tables and pouf are equipped with swivel wheels and are built from pear wood. They have a central chessboard that can easily be removed to provide more room. Available with or without drawers. 


The structure is upholstered in Saddle hide or Pelle Frau leather, whilst cushions can be provided in Pelle Frau leather, Poltrona Frau fabric or the client’s own material.


Width / Depth / Height / Seat height

1000mm / 880mm / 860mm / 420mm (Armchair)

830mm / 830mm / 770mm / 420mm (Poltrona Mignon Armchair)

1610mm / 830mm / 770mm / 420mm (2 seater sofa)

1970mm / 830mm / 770mm / 420mm (Large 2 seater sofa)

2400mm / 830mm / 770mm / 420mm (3 seater sofa)

Also available as a modular sofa.

780mm / 780mm / 350mm (Table with or without drawers)

1200mm / 1200mm / 350mm (Table with or without drawers)

820mm / 820mm / 420mm (Pouf)